War's Impact on Technology and Modern American Society Essay

War's Impact on Technology and Modern American Society Essay

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Once the Second World War began, plywood became a material strictly controlled by the government because it was needed for the war effort. Built with plywood were barracks, boats, and planes. At the beginning of the war, the 30 plywood mills in the United States produced as much as 1.8 billion square feet of plywood to supply the military each year but by the end of the war the number of mills grew to 101 by 1954 and they produced 4 billion square feet of plywood . Since that time, the industry has continued to grow as the demand for plywood has increased mostly in the construction industry where it is used for sheeting on new homes. There have also been new wood products created following plywood’s success including engineered floor joists, oriented strand board, and laminated veneer lumber. All these products have made building a quicker and easier process that allows houses to pop up in a few days and then last for years into the future.
Also, used in World War II was the newly discovered material of Teflon, which is a slippery, almost frictionless substance that was used during the Manhattan project. It was used to create gaskets, linings, and packing that were not affected by the corrosiveness of the uranium used in the atomic bomb. Without Teflon, the atomic bomb would not have been able to end the war. After its use in the war, Teflon was used in the space race to seal the rockets and protect from the harsh conditions of space and it was used in aircrafts to coat metal surfaces. Today, many industries use Teflon to coats materials to reduce friction in machines such as heavy equipment and snow blowers. Some uses of Teflon have moved from mechanical uses to protect fabrics and textiles, to produce films, and to protect compo...

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