Wars And Rumors Of Wars

Wars And Rumors Of Wars

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Wars and Rumors of Wars
Is it possible for a person to study and follow terrorism well enough to predict what is to come in the Middle East, or is this person sent by God to prophecy of what is to come? The books, The Las Jihad, The Last Days, and Ezekiel’s Options have been called, by some, prophetic books; this is because of the author’s bizarre writings. The circumstances the author would write over in these “fictional books” would often come very close to being true events. How can this information be used to better the world? Although Joel C. Rosenburg’s books are fictional what can the United States government take and learn from his writings?
“Roger that, Foxtrot. You’re cleared for landing. Bring her Down.
Special Agent Mckittrick didn’t want to be there any more than these guys wanted him to be (p. 16 The Last Jihad).” The story of The Last Jihad begins with a terrorist attack in Denver, Colorado where the President is visiting for Thanksgiving. During this visit hijackers on board of a near by plane plan to run the plane into the motorcade and kill the president. Just before this plane is brought down the plane is hit by a stinger. This unexpected collision ruins the highjacker’s plans and the plane misses the motorcade and the president.

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The story goes on and The CIA links this terrorist attack back to Saddam Hussein and the United States goes on full alert. Because of this attack against the United States we decide to go to war against Iraq and terrorism because they might have weapons of mass destruction. This should sound familiar to everyone living in today’s society because it sounds like it could be true. This novel sounds like it is a fictional account of what took place on September 11, of 2001. But the eerie thing about this book was that it was written nine months before 9/11 occurred. In fact it was being printed as the planes hit the twin towers. The author, Joel C. Rosenburg, then wrote about the United States being in a war with Iraq over weapons of mass destruction. This happened a year after the book was published. How was Joel Rosenburg able to predict these events that changed the future of the United States forever?
Joel Rosenburg was a communications strategist before becoming a well known author. He worked with the best of business and media personnel such as Steve Forbs and Rush Limbaugh. He was even an advisor for the former Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu (joelrosenburg.com). In an interview with the MSNBC and Buchanan he said, “I had also been an adviser to former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, so one of the world's foremost experts on terrorism and I began to hear stories about what threats might be coming up over the horizon in the next five to ten years, and I thought.
BUCHANAN: And Netanyahu talked about that?
ROSENBERG: He did. And, yes, and he had also - and then the book leads from this kamikaze attack to a war with Iraq over weapons of mass destruction.
ROSENBERG: Eerie, chillingly accurate. I mean, (MSNBC, Interview).”
Rosenburg was able to predict what was going to happen because of his contact with an expert in the area of terrorism. Still some critics might think that it was just a coincidence that his fiction book foretold the attacks and wars against Iraq. But in the next book he wrote, a sequel to The Last Jihad, The Last Days might make the critics reconsider. The Last Days is a skillfully scripted cat and mouse game of daring plans and political intrigue as Rosenberg – a veteran Washington writer—delves deeply into the psyches of men who will stop at nothing to win (JoelRosenburg.com). In the beginning of this book the war with Iraq is finished and an attack takes place on the motorcade, the result is the death of Arafat in Gaza. Not long after he had written this and even before it was to be published there was an attack on a motorcade in Gaza and within the next year Arafat died. Although Arafat didn’t die in the motorcade it is still uncanny to think that for the second time Rosenburg predicted such events as these.
If the critics are still not convinced there is yet one more book that Rosenburg had written just before an event took place. This book is called Ezekiel’s Option, and it is about a Russian totalitarian that forms an alliance with Iran. Together they worked to create nuclear weapons. Upon creating these nuclear weapons they threaten to wipe Israel of the face of the earth (The Ezekiel Option). Guess what happened the day that the book was published? Iran elected a leader who promised to hasten the country’s nuclear program and later promised to wipe Israel off the map (joelrosenburg.com). If an author is able to write and predict was is going to happen over in the middle east there has got to be some people in the United States Government and the United Nations that would be able to use the information to their advantage. I believe that information like this, if it is used right, would be able to stop the fighting between the Israel and Palestine. Although the result of this would mean that Christ’s return is near. This information could even be used by the antichrist to create a false sense of peace.
It says in Revelation that the antichrist will sign a covenant for seven years to keep the peace in Israel. This of course is a false sense of peace because he will break it in three and a half years and proclaim himself to be God. These are the type of subjects that are being brought up because of the books that Rosenburg has written. Rosenburg has interviewers and government officials asking him all sorts of questions about the end of time and Armageddon. Rosenburg answered one interview over his last book and his beliefs about the end times as following:
"In the early 1990s, I came across the writings of the Hebrew Prophet Ezekiel. More than 2,500 years ago, he predicted a future military alliance between Russia, Iran, and several Islamic countries that would try to destroy Israel and would bring the world to the brink of the apocalypse.

"I have to admit I'm intrigued with the possibility that the relationship between Russia and Iran could be the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. I realize that might seem bizarre to some. But it certainly makes for a compelling premise for a novel. And what if it were true? What if end-times prophecy is coming to pass right before our eyes?

"As I write about in The Ezekiel Option, President Reagan believed the fate of Russia and Iran were foretold in the Bible. And Reagan was not alone. Some of the world's leading Bible scholars, as well as many pastors in Russia, believe the same thing. I don't want to give too much away before people read the book for themselves. Let me just say this for now: The Ezekiel Option is fiction. But I believe the prophecy upon which it is based is true” —Joel Rosenberg(Ron Beers).
He then uses questions concerning the end of the world to tell people about his faith in Jesus Christ, but he doesn’t force it on anyone. Rosenburg is a born again Christian who was raised an Orthodox Jew. He was always interested in the prophecies of the Old Testament and he studied them intently until he realized that the prophesied messiah of the Old Testament was talking about Jesus of Nazareth. That is when he became a Christian. Rosenburg then studied and graduated from Syracuse University, and after that he married and had four sons (joelrosenburg.com).
In conclusion, Joel Rosenburg’s books might be fictional, but what can the US government take and learn from his writings? The United States and the United Nations can take these writings and use new information to counter the terrorism before it happens. They will also be able to use it to promote peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians. As Christians, everyone can take this information and share it with unbelievers and it might open their eyes and allow one to see that the end is certainly near. If the governments and Christians can harness this potential power, it could be used to a great effect.

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