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For decades, the topic of abortion has been a heated debate. In 1973, in the Supreme Court case of Roe vs. Wade, the court concluded that a woman may terminate her pregnancy for any reason up until the point where the fetus becomes “viable”. The Court determined that “viable” meant that the fetus is capable of living outside of the mother’s womb. According to Merriam Webster, the word viable is defined as something being capable of growing or developing or capable of working, functioning or developing adequately. I believe that life begins at conception, that from the moment those two cells become a zygote a life is formed. A life is formed and it begins to grow and develop. Why does the viability of the fetus only pertain to life outside of the womb, when the womb is what the fetus needs in order to be capable to grow and develop?
Based on what I believe, from the moment of conception a fetus is capable of growing and developing. With the known scientific facts, how can one say that life does not begin at conception, even if the fetus is not capable of living outside the womb?
In this country it is legal for a woman to terminate her pregnancy up until about the second trimester. In Florida, a woman can terminate her pregnancy after the second trimester if two doctors can sign off stating that her life is at risk. Since when is it okay to kill one person to save the life of another? Killing or murdering a person results in the death of that person. A person that has committed murder does not simply get a slap on the wrist, they get some of punishment; they are put in prison for an extensive period of time or in some instances they themselves are put to death. Abortion by its definition results in the death of a fetus or em...

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...following lines, we have provided some strong reasons against abortion, to make couples think twice before opting for it. Go through them and explore why abortion should never be considered as an option
The world needs warriors who will stand against abortion. The world needs individuals who will speak up against the murdering of innocent lives. Another human being should not pay the price of the careless actions of frivolous teenagers or adults. One needs to take responsibility for the act resolving in having a baby. No culture can survive this kind of anarchical thinking indefinitely. Part of the remedy is to spread the truth. At this time in American history, that is one of the most powerful sentences a person can speak: I do not want a child at this time. Therefore, we should all agree that taking the life of an innocent, unborn human being is wrong.

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