Essay on The Warning Signs and Risk Factors of Teen Depression

Essay on The Warning Signs and Risk Factors of Teen Depression

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People constantly overlook the severity of depression, more importantly, major teen depression, which presents a legitimate obstacle in society. Teen depression’s intensity results from society’s general lack of acknowledgement of the rising affair. The surprisingly low amount of people aware of teen depression creates a serious matter in today’s world. Within the past year, 15.8% of teens contemplated the option of suicide, due to their major depression going unnoticed or untreated for (Vidourek). Most of the causes and signs of depression lie hidden within the individual since majorities of people experience them without any real issue arising. “A sudden change in behavior is a main sign of someone being depressed, which could lead to having suicidal thoughts,” stated Pam Farkas, a clinical social worker in California (Aguilar). The warning signs and risk factors of teen depression include behavioral issues, social withdrawal, and inadequate interest in activities, yet the unawareness of these signs do not allow professional medical attention to intercede. Deaths, illnesses, rejection, relationship issues, and disappointment present passages down the negative path of teen depression, but treatments, such as psychotherapy, intervention programs, and antidepressants express ways to subdue this major problem. Knowledge of the increasing dilemma needs to circulate in order to promote stable teen lives in the present and future world. Understanding major teen depression, the events and incidents that lead to depression, and how to overcome the problem will lead to a decrease in major teen depression and its growing issue in society.
“Roughly one out of 12 teens suffers significant depression before the age of 18” (Teen Depression: W...

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