Essay on Warhol : Pop Artists Of The 1960 ' S

Essay on Warhol : Pop Artists Of The 1960 ' S

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The modern artist, Andy Warhol, is one of the most well known pop artists of the 1960’s. Warhol purposely strayed away from the very emotional painting style of the Abstract Expressionists. He was influenced heavily by American Pop culture, borrowing several images as well as ordinary consumer products for his pieces. Ultimately he approached his art in a way to have commercial or advertisement look. Warhol’s goal was to strip down art of its magical qualities, and wanted it to look like anybody could do it. Warhol’s work explores a vast number of ideas in American Pop culture.
In his most famous piece, “Campbell’s Soup Cans”, Warhol created 32 canvases each hand painted to resemble the image of the canned Campbell’s brand soup. The reason there are 32 is because Warhol painted one for every flavor that had been made at the time. They are installed at the Museum of Modern Art and were hung as if looking at the soup aisle at the grocery store. When the canvases were given to the museum they were given no instructions on how to hang them, so they are assembled in chronological order in which the soup flavors were made. In this work, he mimicked the repetition and uniformity of advertising by carefully reproducing the same image across each individual canvas.()
Warhol claimed, “Pop Art is about liking things().” He ate Campbell’s soup everyday for 20 years. He was inspired by how the soup always tasted the same, and it never mattered who ate it. This inspiration came from the idea that the soup flavor always being consistent made it a prime of American made products. After creating this piece Warhol transitioned to print making as his medium. He wanted his art to have linking qualities with that of advertisement.
With this work War...

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...ontradicts with being completely hidden. He’s expressing that identity is an internal and external experience. How others view you via appearance and your work is one side of identity. There is also the internal side that you yourself know. You can only express the internal side of this identity. This piece clearly touches on issues that everybody experiences in their own personal life. self-identity and self-expression are two ideas that are often expressed in art.
Andy Warhol’s works stimulate the viewers mind into thinking about ideas about pop culture. Being a modern artist, he focused more on ideas, rather than form and technique. His innovative ways of presenting these ideas were just as interesting. His use of borrowed images and screen-printing stripped his art down relieving it of any magical qualities. Which made his work’s ideas stronger and influential.

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