Warfare Is A Necessary Part Of Life Essay

Warfare Is A Necessary Part Of Life Essay

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Warfare is defined as “the engagement in or the activities involved in war or conflict” [1]. Today, warfare is used to resolve international conflicts. Without it, due to the fact that nations don’t necessarily always compromise, there would be no possible way of living in a “peaceful” society. And although warfare does present obvious consequences (as I will discuss later on), the reality of the situation is that warfare, unfortunately, is a necessary part of life. Without it, the human race would cease to exist. With it being such an important part of humanity, it would be reasonable to conclude that the way wars are fought, will never change. But, wars have changed tremendously throughout time. Ever since World War I, modern warfare, “warfare using the concepts, methods, and military technology that have come into use during and after World War I” [2] has replaced traditional warfare in the way wars are fought. Ever since then, traditional warfare has been ancient history.
Society functioned differently before the introduction of modern warfare. Prior to WWI, wars were more traditional. The weapons used during these wars were not as technologically advanced as they are today. They consisted of ancient weapons such as crossbows, catapults, swords, to eventual weapons such as gunpowder-based weapons. These weapons were useful in historic times but, in today’s society, would require too much time to be operated, thus presenting a disadvantage. For instance, gunpowder-based weapons required the user to load the weapon with powder prior to using it, which would waste a significant amount of time. Now however, with advanced weapons such as machines guns, soldiers are now able to fire multiple bullets instantly.
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...asses should be more enforced in schools to educate students on how to stop terror and limit the amount of wars. Many wars are unnecessary. For instance, America’s wars in Vietnam and Iraq were both “unnecessary, unjust wars that severely damaged the international reputation of the United States” [6]. Some wars could easily be avoided if the “people in charge” knew how to deal with certain situations at a given time.
Conclusively, wars have changed a lot throughout the years. Concepts, strategies, weapons, and technology have influenced the way wars are fought today. Due to this, a new forms of warfare was introduced: Modern Warfare. But with new technology being presented constantly, arising and influencing our lives in every way possible, one must only ask themselves, “How long will it take for the current form of warfare to be referred to as ancient”?

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