Essay on The War You Don 't See

Essay on The War You Don 't See

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The critically acclaimed documentary The War You Don’t See was released in 2010, and was produced to protest the media’s role in past wars/conflicts. The War You Don’t See is a British film, however it consistently focuses on the United States’ involvement in war, and how the media manipulated citizens into supporting mediation in the Middle Eastern conflicts (Hupp 57). The film frequently uses anecdotal sources, and includes some that trace back to World War I. However, it primarily focuses on the recent conflicts in the Middle East. In addition to using an abundance of primary sources, the film also takes time to provide copious amounts of analytical statistics, research, and unedited footage to the viewer. With my protracted history of being a skeptic, I was already aware of the vast amount of disinformation the mainstream media constantly spews out to the public. However, after viewing the film it further opened my eyes on how the media not only manipulates viewers into supporting war, but also employs disinformation to citizens in several other controversial political topics. Overall, The War You Don’t See throws a bold jab to the media’s jawline, and implores viewers to obtain all of the facts about a topic before making a judgement on it. I argue that the documentary effectively argues its stance on the media, because it utilizes analytical research, statistics, and unedited/anecdotal sources, invokes an emotional appeal by employing gory footage of innocent civilians, and enlightens viewers on how the media has been manipulating the masses for nearly a century in chronological order.
As previously stated, The War You Don’t See takes viewers back to the origins of war propaganda in the media, and shows an extensive history...

... middle of paper ...

...ithout a doubt that the media did in fact influence the public into supporting the Iraq War, and that The War You Don’t See still presents a logical and effective argument.
After watching the film, I realized that I began to scrutinize the media’s actions more often. Overall, the film did not start a movement, however I find that those who watch the film will be left with the impression to challenge the media’s manipulative actions. Before I viewed the film I also advocated that citizens should challenge the media’s role, and after viewing the film it confirmed my skepticism of their motives. I do not solely blame all of our country’s problems on the media, however it is without a doubt that the media is partly to blame for inhibiting our country to move forward in imperative political endeavors, and brainwashing viewers into believing false ideals and stereotypes.

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