War Stories of my Inner Self

War Stories of my Inner Self

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In the famous war fiction Things They Carried, O’Brien tells the various stories by remembering the things each character carried during the Vietnam War. Each of the items indicates the unique feature of characters and helps the readers understand the war experience more realistic. As the characters carried private belongings, I also carry important personal items everyday. In most days, I carry an electronic translator, a letter from my mom, a cell phone, and a two-dollar bill. When I go to school, it has been a habit that I put my electronic translator and my cell phone in one of my pockets and my wallet in the other. Inside the wallet, I always have the letter from my mom and the lucky two-dollar bill. If I don’t have one of each, I feel nervous and can not concentrate because I feel that I have lost very important thing. These items generally tell about me that I am not a native English speaker, miss my mom, care about my friends, and obsess with luck.
All of these items seem contain no emotion, but each of them symbolizes various facets of my inner character. Although now I don’t often use it, I usually carry my electronic translator everyday. When I carry it, I feel relieved for having a support from my lack of English vocabulary. My translator reveals about me that I am not yet really confident with English and feel uneasy about it. The letter from my mom has always been inside my wallet, since she gave it to me this winter. I often read the letter when I miss her, because I could sense her love for me very well when I read it. The letter also tells about me that I still miss and care about my mom. The cell phone is one that I think most important. All the relationships with my friends begin from my cell phone. When I want to go to watch movie, I call my friend. When I am bored, I text message my friends to break my boredom. My cell phone shows that I love my friends and their relationship with me. One of the most important things I carry inside my wallet is my two dollar bill. Because of its rarity, my friend gave this two dollar bill as my birthday gift, and he told me that it give a good fortune.

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Since then, I carry it as my lucky charm. I can not go anywhere without it, and I feel comfortable and lucky every time I see it inside my wallet. The two dollar bill indicates that I am obsessed with superstition and always want to have luck.
Although I now recognized the meaningfulness of my important personal items, I did not notice the importance of the items I carry before writing this paper. They were just the physical possessions carried mainly by my necessities. However, after listing the things I carry, I could understand me better and know what I think is important. I realized that each of the items has individual meaning about me and indicates me about who I am and what I like to do. I understood that the things I carry are not only the stuffs I need but also the emotions I have inside my mind. This activity made me think more deeply about the items around me and know more about myself. Within this lesson, it has been a great time for revaluating my personal items and my emotions inside them.
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