Essay on The War On Terror During The Great War

Essay on The War On Terror During The Great War

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Throughout the 20th Century, the world was engulfed in global conflicts, engaging in one war after the next. When looking at these different conflicts, interconnected themes and issues seemed to lead to the later conflicts. The first of the conflicts to affect the globe was the Great War. Since the Great War, numerous conflicts have followed including World War II, The Cold War, and eventually the War on Terror. These wars share similar goals and themes of gaining power and prestige, seeking revenge, and fighting ideologies. Each of these conflicts results in events that eventually lead to the next conflict, creating near constant warfare around the globe. The effects and fears created by these conflicts can still be seen today as we fight the War on Terror.
During the beginning of the 20th Century, the globe was imperialized by strong nations like Great Britain. As a result, less prominent nations on the global stage began to seek freedom and their own power. With much animosity between different nations leading to known alliances, war seemed inevitable and the world began to prepare. This ultimately led to the beginning of the Great War or World War I in August 1914 between two groups of alliances. The Triple Entente, also known as the Allies, included the nations of Russia, France, Great Britain and later, the United States and Japan. The Alliances, or Central Powers were formed by Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire. They were fighting for freedom against the Allies and for prestige on a global level. Each side had colonial possessions that were used to aid the war, impacting the globe. During the war, total decimation was the goal. By using trench warfare and poisonous gas, the world lost incredible amounts ...

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...he four global conflicts clearly led to later events. The common themes of revenge, fear and power were rooted in these conflicts. The common practices of punishment after wars also continued the conflicts by economically, politically and socially destroying nations. Many wonder if the wars truly ever ended or if they have just continually morphed into different conflicts. It is reasonable to view the 20th Century as one of near constant warfare because the results of conflicts created a domino effect. Each conflict lead to more warfare. The overwhelming ideas of fear perpetuated the global conflicts and show little end in sight today. With new terrorist groups like ISIS, the world is left to wait until the next attack is taken. These common themes, practices and ideas seen during the 20th Century conflicts will continue to perpetuate global conflicts unless stopped.

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