Essay about The War On Global Terrorism

Essay about The War On Global Terrorism

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All factors are equally important to achieve the goal, but if the counterterrorist coalition wants to win the war, the foundations of terrorism are the clue to accomplish the task. The first dimension in the war on global terrorism is overpowering terrorists’ motivation to fight. According to Boaz Ganor (2011), World War III is taking place now. It is a war of Islamic Radicalism against the rest of the world, including the majority of Muslims worldwide. Indeed, the Muslims have a responsibility to cope with this problem which are coming from Islam. Therefore, to overpower the terrorists’ motivation, it is necessary to engage Muslim society. “Muslims and only Muslims should be authorized to persuade, or inspire, other Muslims. Non- Muslims are politically and rhetorically excluded from this process” (Nelson 2007, 247). Hence, the role of Muslims authorities and society in overpower the terrorists’ motivation is really important. The another element necessary to reduce the motivation is combating the causes of terrorism. The counterterrorist coalition must identify and counter the methods, propaganda, and conditions which encourage people to join terrorists’ organizations. There are many conditions in society which may create an environment in which young people can become more easily radicalized. These conditions include lack of political or economic prospects as well as lack of educational opportunities ( Council of the European Union 2005, 9). Hence, key priorities to combat the causes of terrorism will be supporting the ideas of human rights, democracy, education, economic prosperity, inter-cultural dialogue, and long-term integration. What is more, coalition must target inequalities and discrimination where they exist. As...

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... weapons for counterinsurgency do not shoot. In this new environment, digging a well is more important than digging a foxhole; training a policeman can be more important than training a soldier; and restoring electrical power can restore the legitimacy of a government” (Dana Dillon 2007, 33). The counterterrorist coalition needs to strengthen and implement their commitments to disrupt terrorist activity and pursue terrorists’ across borders. The objectives are to hinder terrorists planning, disrupt their networks and the activities of recruiters to terrorism, cut off terrorist funding and access to attack materials, and bring them to justice while continuing to respect human rights and international law. The solution to the global war on terrorism is hidden in strategic, complex, and long term thinking about this problem. Otherwise, the conflict will be escalate.

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