The War Of 1812 Was The Presidential Election Of 1816 Essay

The War Of 1812 Was The Presidential Election Of 1816 Essay

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Just following the war of 1812 was the presidential election of 1816. Federalist Dewitt Clinton went up against Democratic Republican James Monroe. Virginia slave owner James Monroe successfully defeated his opponent in the election. He was a devotee of President Thomas Jefferson and considered by many an honest and righteous diplomat. With his wife Elizabeth Kortright by his side Monroe proudly sat in his presidential seat. He very carefully in chooses the selectmen that made up his cabinet. His cabinet was made up of nationalist who could also efficiently settle political rivalries and negotiations. To no surprise Monroe selected Massachusetts statesman, John Quincy Adams, a fellow nationalist, for the position of Secretary of State. Adams had diplomatic skills and strong political support in New England. With similar political beliefs, and their loyalty to the ideal of nationalism, protecting the interests of the entire country rather than individual states, the two were destined to make a great team. James Monroe later toured the nation trying to convince people that the American people need to focus on the nation as a whole. One of Monroe’s and Adam’s central focal points is the 19th century doctrine, Manifest Destiny, which stated that America must expand in order to prosper and grow. At this time, America knew that the only way to do so was if America had all rights to land in North America. Two states held territories in North America already. Great Britain and Mexico owned land in the North and South West, a large amount of territory that America yearned for. Monroe knew that during his presidency he wanted to gain this land, he and John Adams agree that now was the time. ¬¬¬
After the Treaty of Ghent left confusion...

... middle of paper ... James met his nationalist agenda, which was to improve his position in world affairs and increase control over the North American continent. America acquired a lot of territories from other countries and was definitely in the right direction towards the doctrine of Manifest Destiny. John Quincy Adams worked his magic; settled the treaties and got the land. America gained hundreds of thousands of lands and made things between them and foreign countries somewhat peaceful. With all this land the nation disagreed on who the newly acquired acres should be governed. True problems surfaced during Monroe’s presidency from 1817-1825 when the issues between two geological regions of the United States intensified. It turns out Americas biggest threat to autonomy is itself, after tension arouse about the topic of slavery and new states divide the North and South

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