Essay on The War Of 1812 Was A Military Conflict

Essay on The War Of 1812 Was A Military Conflict

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The War of 1812 was a military conflict involving two major world powers that resolved many of the remaining issues from the American war for Independence. The War of 1812 included many significant events that essentially establish the United States of America as an official world power. However, the United States was faced with some roadblocks. Some of which include impressment, the embargo, War Hawks, and many other various conflicts with Great Britain. These causes drove the United States to again revolt against Great Britain and established the U.S. as a force to be reckoned with that later helped unify our great nation. Although, as great as it may be war does come with consequence; one may need to sacrifice for the well-being of others or the future of the country.
England was exasperated, but likely found an equalizer. For the British continued the practice of impressment of English sailors. This is the practice of stopping American ships and forcing the sailors aboard to join the English Navy, and while they were at war with the French they could use any man, women, or child available. The British however subjected the sailors to harsh discipline. This resulted with about a fourth of sailor abandoned their post and joining American vessels where they were fed an adequate amount and paid more. The English claimed the right to impress naval deserters, but the U.S. stated that it had no right to board naval ships without their consent. It is said that around 6,000 Americans were forced to serve on British ships against their will. Impressment peeved the American public, especially in the incident of the Chesapeake-Leopard. In this situation an American vessel was stopped by the commander of the Leopard, an English vessel, ...

... middle of paper ... of letters and started a rumor that he had additional Indian Tribes at his disposal. In addition to this loss three more forts were captured and needless to say this war was more difficult than previously expected.
For the United States’ navy soon began stunning the world. The Navy had only processed seven frigates compared to Britain’s 500. However, England only protected Canada with nine frigates and America was captain by Stephen Decatur, Oliver Hazard Perry, and Isaac Hull who were some of the finest in the world. Isaac Hull nephew of the disgraceful William Hull was considered their best and was placed in command of the USS Constitution. Headed south they encountered the HMS Guerriere; here Hull deftly defeated the Guerriere in less than an hour. Not only restoring honor to his family name, but this unexpected victory restored the pride of many Americans.

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