The War Of The Zionist Movement Essay examples

The War Of The Zionist Movement Essay examples

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On May 14, 1948, the day before the British withdrawal from the former Ottoman Empire’s land, Israel declared its independence as a sovereign territory. The crowning act of the Zionist movement, the creation and establishment of a Jewish holy land, displaced 3.8 million Palestinians and spread the seed of discord growing to this day. Currently 6.5 million displaced Palestinians dwell in the Middle East (Miftah, 2003), and some have resorted to terror tactics against Israeli citizens. Due to the growing violence and unrest within the land currently occupied by Israel, the United States of America must hold an international summit to redraw territorial boundaries between Israel and Palestine and prevent further terrorist attacks around the globe.
Up until the Camp David Accord, the Middle East was in turmoil from Israel’s declaration of independence. Blitzing from the then disputed territorial borders, the Arab nations commenced the first of many wars. Israel quickly recovered from this Blitzkrieg tactic and gained the upper hand until the United Nations mediated a cease fire with resolution 242; by this point Israel had greatly expanded its territory. This expansion of Israeli territory would sow the seeds of future discord in the coming years. Tensions were steadily rising until the summer of 1967, when Israeli forces launched a surprise attack on Pan-Arab forces-Egypt, Jordan, and Syria- taking control of the West bank, consisting of Gaza, Golan Heights, and the Sinai Peninsula(CFR, 2008). Israeli forces refer to this as the six day war while Palestinians refer to it as al-Naksah or the setback (Negar, 2001). Quickly responding to the issue, the U.N. called for the withdrawal of forces from these areas; however, without a stand...

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...t point hopefully productive talks will occur, ensuing in a two state solution for Palestine and Israel.
Treading through a pool of discord and deceit that has grown for hundreds of years is not easy, but it must be attempted. The millions of displaced Palestinian adults and children make up one of the largest groups of people that is currently being discriminated against, and the rest of the world seems to be content watching this occur. Both Israel and Palestine have made mistakes in this war: Palestine for embracing Hamas and Israel for refusing negotiations. It is time for both those countries to look past those mistakes and plan for a brighter future. By using an economic sanction to call Israel into negotiations, the U.S. will play its role in mediating a peace between Israel and Palestine; ultimately forming a two-state solution at an international summit.

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