Essay about The War Of The American Army

Essay about The War Of The American Army

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Compared to that of the British Army, the American Army had a significant amount of disadvantages throughout the duration of the American Revolution. However, despite their many disadvantages, the American Armed forces still defeated the British. Simply put, the Americans had more to fight for then the British did. The Americans fought for their rights, their independence, as well as their liberty.
The Americans had very few advantages throughout the duration of the war. In addition to their grand cause to fight, they as well had help from other countries. The Americans and the French had formed an alliance and together fought to defeat the British. The French supplied nearly ninety percent of the American’s Gunpowder during the first two years of the war (Union SD). A passage from the French Alliance “As French historian Henri Doniol has put it, almost immediately after the peace of 1763, the French Government sought in the tendency of the English colonies to revolt against their mother country the occasion by which we would avenge ourselves upon England and tear up the treaty of Paris” (Us History). In addition, the French foreign minister had also sent emissaries to explore the American colonist’s commitment to fighting for their independence. As was also stated in the French Alliance, “in the spring of 1776, congress dispatched Silas Deane to France as a secret commercial agent to see if he could make arrangements for the purchase of military supplies on terms of credit. Deane also made inquiries into possible French political and even military assistance” (US History). Thus leading to the French involvement in the American Revolutionary War. Up until this time, the American army was plagued with Shortages. According to ...

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...addition to their independence, they also fought to show other countries that America is capable of being independent and that they would not tolerate anyone trying to take over their land.
To conclude, the British Army were clearly better off when it came to material goods and funding at the start of the war. However, what they lacked was the reasoning behind their fighting. That of which, the Continental succeeded in having. At the time of the American Revolutionary War, the continental army fought for the independence of the American Colonies from their mother country of England. That reason alone served to be one of the greatest in why the colonies were able to defeat the British. In addition they were also able to receive help from France, who supplied them with firearms and gunpowder. At the start of the war the odds were clearly against the Continental Army.

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