The War Of Iraq Was Becoming A Dangerous Place Essay

The War Of Iraq Was Becoming A Dangerous Place Essay

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I was born in Baghdad, Iraq on October,26 1996. My dad had a small food market that it wasn’t that successful, but it brought food at the house. After the 2003 war, Iraq was a becoming a very dangerous place to be. Kidnapers and thefts are everywhere you go, these people had such an impact to the environment that we live in that the news stations stopped telling people who got kidnapped or which store got stolen. It got even more dangerous for my two brothers and I to live in Iraq when my dad got his small market stolen and the people who stole it left a message to my dad that says “get out you spy”. When that kind of threat, you have only two choices you either get killed or you run away, as you can tell we got out of Iraq after what happened and went to Egypt.
During living in Iraq, I didn’t really have any idea what politics. I was only 10 when we got out of Iraq. I don’t remember if my parents really talked about politics in front of me, but I defiantly know that they talked about it with my others when I am not around. I didn’t even fully understand why we left our house in Iraq until I started understanding what was going on there and what happened to my dad’s store. When we went to Egypt, we got kind of disconnect from what was happening in Iraq. My parents sometimes watched news on channels that had news about what was going on in Iraq. When they watched news, I pick up from the news what was happening in Iraq at the time and listen to what my parents’ comments about the events that are happening there. They always tell their opinions what should a specific politician do to make things a little bit and better and what services that should be provided to everybody. I remember when they talked about politicia...

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...don’t have an extreme opinion about an issue, I look at the issue from both sides and take the good from both sides to make it better. I think it’s better to take from both sides so you can see both opinions and look at maybe misconception of your opinion or the other side’s opinion on an issue to not create a conflict. I have never been in any political group or associations because I have never had interest in becoming a member at any political group or association. I feel that I won’t belong in one of these groups because I would be really bored in them and not engage in conversions because I don’t follow politics. I believe somebody can develop political views in their life time, but they don’t have to label themselves to have an opinion on a political issue to speak their out their opinion to others or vote for just because he is from their political party.

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