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Many historians consider World War II to be primarily a war of good against evil. Nations united to put a stop to the horrific actions of the axis powers making the world 's greatest minds gather and create new innovative inventions. The argument on if some of these inventions were good for the war but bad for humanity still exist today.

The world is a very fragile place, many different era’s have been through this planet and war has always been around us. Some people do not understand the difference between good and evil which can lead to massive violence for what they believe is the right thing. Evil can have a whole lot of different meanings. This misleading concept that the justice system always has the “right” opinion, in terms of bad people commit crimes so anyone they say is bad did something illegal, is in a lot countries. This concept has also fuelled many wars and conflicts in history, and even in the present day, because countries fight about who is right on the topic of good and evil. Germany is a prime example of corrupt government because the whole nation approved of the inhuman things they were doing at the time because Germany said it was okay. The book
The Nazi’s thought they had every right to take over countries in Eastern Europe.(Whittock, Martyn)” What they didn’t understand is they never had the rights to take from anyone. The fact that they saw nothing wrong with taking over and destroying what other people created is a prime example of how they were evil but saw themselves as the good guys. “The youth was taken advantage of and was introduced to Nazism. (Minerbi, Alessandra from
” What they did was take advantage of many countries and different mindsets which to many people that is considered evil. Since...

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... in history, spanning the entire world and involving more countries than any other war, as well as introducing powerful new weapons, culminating in the first use of nuclear weapons. The war ravaged civilians more severely than any previous conflict and served as a backdrop for genocidal killings by Nazi Germany as well as several other mass slaughters of civilians. These did included the killing of millions of Chinese and Korean nationals by Japan, internal mass killings in the Soviet Union, and the bombing of civilian targets in German and Japanese cities by the Allies. This had more people killed than any war which made this so tragic. This had 50,000,000+ deaths and is an unreal amount.

Overall, for a war lasting 6 years this changed the world dramatically. If it wasn’t for this war a lot of things we have today wouldn’t exist so on that note it was good and bad.

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