The War Of 1812 During The French Revolution Essay

The War Of 1812 During The French Revolution Essay

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The War of 1812 was an armed conflict between the United States and Great Britain that lasted 3 years from 1812 till 1815. In this war, often labeled as “the second independence war”, there were a number of battles that cost both sides countless lives and resources. It followed a period of great tension between the two nations as a result of the treatment of neutral countries by both France and England during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.
The Indian conflicts in the old Northwest soon merged into the wider conflict with Britain, now known as the war of 1812. Between 1809 and 1812, Madison teetered between declaring either Britain or France America’s primary enemy, as attacks by both countries on U.S ships continued. In 1809, congress replaced Jefferson’s embargo with the Non-intercourse Act, which prohibited trade only with Britain and France and their colonies, thus opening up other trade routes to alleviate the economic distress of American shippers, farmers, and planters. By 1811, the country was seriously divided and on the verge of war.
The War of 1812 was basically a disagreement between the United States and Great Britain. The reason behind this war was based on a few major factors such as trade restrictions because of war with the France, taking U.S. soldiers into their Navy against their will, and the British siding with the Native American tribes against America’s expansion westward. A few years before, the British government tried to create blockades for U.S. trade with the French. This was the start of problems between the United States and Britain. Not only was this happening, but the fact that a lot of British men gained citizenship in the United States caused the impressment of those citizens in Br...

... middle of paper ... of the treaties, agreed to give up certain rights. The Americans agreed to drop their plea for an end to the impressment they were under and the British agreed to withdraw all support they were giving to the Indians.
The United States gained new found respect from other countries for being able to withstand the powerful British forces even though they had shown how unready for the they were from the attack on Canada. Also, the morale of American citizens were at an all-time high because they had fought one of the great military powers of the world and managed to survive, which increased feelings of nationalism. The War of 1812 had a dramatic effect on the manufacturing capabilities of the United States. The British blockade of the American coast created a shortage of cotton cloth in the United States, leading to the creation of a cotton-manufacturing industries.

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