Essay on The War Of 1812 As The Forgotten War

Essay on The War Of 1812 As The Forgotten War

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The War of 1812
The war of 1812 is often referred to as the Forgotten War. This is because it is America’s least known war. Although the war of 1812 is the least known, it was also one of the most dangerous wars for America. The war lasted for two and a half years and was a conflict between the United Stated of America and the British Empire. If America lost the war, then the people would become subjects of the British again and if America won the war then it was possible that Canada could be a part of America. However, the war ended in a complicated way (Watson, 3).
Causes of the War
The war began initially began because of the conflict between Britain and France. Both countries had cut of trade with the United States to keep supplies from the enemy (, 2009). Also, France wanted America to lift the Jay Treaty so they began an unofficial war with the United States to do so. During the unofficial war America defeated three French vessels and captured 82 French privateers (Hickey, 2012, pg. 7. France later called off the Quasi-War (unofficial war) with America for trade and restored the trading rights (Hickey, 2012, pg.7). Later on, Britain infuriated the United States because they were removing American sailors from U.S. vessels and forcing them to serve in the British Navy (, 2009). This maritime issue was the turning point for America and what really caused them to go to war with Britain. The goal of the war was to get freedom for U.S. sailors and free trading rights. The slogan for the war of 1812 was “Free Trade and Sailors rights” (Watson, 2014, pg.5). Many citizens of the United States actually opposed the war against Britain. However, it was mainly the people that were not directly impacted by the imp...

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... at the end of the war, Americans were left prideful and confident.
The war of 1812 was overall a minor conflict between the United States and Great Britain, however it lasted for 2 years. It was a rough time for those fighting in the war since they were not getting paid on time and everyone was solely focused on the war itself. Throughout the war, neither side gained much from fighting and neither side really won either. The ended by basically calling a truce. It is true that the war of 1812 does often go without notice and many people do not remember it, however it was definitely an important war for the people. They were able to prove to the world that they could hold their own and defend themselves, their rights, and their beliefs. In the end everyone was left happy, Americans were free from the impressment and Britain was not being held at America’s demands.

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