The War Of 1812 And The Federalist Party Essay

The War Of 1812 And The Federalist Party Essay

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The war of 1812 contributed to the Federalist Party to disappear due to the administrations of Jefferson and Madison. The party transformed from a party of national power to a party of the privileged. A huge contribution was the Louisiana Purchase and how it grew the size of the US and the three-fifths rule which was an issue that it was more of a Western problem than it was of a southern issue. There were two main influences that impacted the Federalist Party to end. One was the Embargo Act of 1807 it was damaging to the people, which left their lives and havoc and having harsh effects that left many Americans either in bankruptcy, jail, debt, and even some were unemployed. The Embargo Act of 1807 was causing to stop ships from leaving American harbors for any foreign ports and mostly to stop exports but the plan was to stop imports as well. This act left the economy in a struggling position. Then there was the war of 1812 and even earlier implications when Thomas Jefferson rejected " The constitutional arguments associated with Alexander Hamilton and the Washington administration"(pg54). Jefferson believed the theory that the executive administration should hold the power of all majority. For Jefferson in 1804 running for president, he stood by his word that "one man" could positively represent the whole nation. He won the election when his party stressed the 12th amendment giving him an open door to the presidency. As times are changing New England 's political and economic situation worsened and fear of the people grew much higher. Federalist politics made an extreme decision they were split and divided between two groups called the radicals and the moderates. The issue, forcing the split was " whether the union was in New Eng...

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...f manufacturing. An important part of the growth also was transportation revolution. This gave manufacturers a much easier way to reach the market in the south or the west anywhere anytime. Just like today technology played a major role it advanced people 's lives greatly. A positive thing that Americans weren 't stuck in one single trade they had the option to branch out and try other crafts. This led to improving many other things including how they thought about foreign ideas and techniques brooding their horizons. It was New England that actually became America 's first Industrial Region were it all began. Due to the war of 1812 encouragement in the American industry was such a positive because before there were trade wars which led up to the war of 1812 and devastated capital investment in manufacturing but after we saw how much the American industry flourished.

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