Essay about The War Of 1812 And The American War

Essay about The War Of 1812 And The American War

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The War of 1812 was a battle fought between the United States and Great Britain, along with help from Canada and the Native Americans, from June 18, 1812 to February 18, 1815. The United States declared war against Great Britain due to multiple disputes that included trade restrictions against the United States, the capture of American sailors and the support of Native American tribes fighting against American settlers. These issues led to the War of 1812 which Americans ultimately declared the “Second War of Independence”.
Great Britain’s primary goal was to defend their North American colonies but they also wanted to create a neutral Indian buffer state in the Midwest. As a colony of Great Britain, Canada fought in the war as they were being invaded by the Americans. The Native Americans fought against the United States because they did not want the Americans to expand westward. These groups joined forces during the War of 1812 to prevent the United States from becoming a major force in the world.
Trade restrictions brought on by the British war with France helped with the start of the War of 1812. France and Great Britain were already at war. France didn’t allow America to trade with Great Britain and Great Britain didn’t allow America to trade with France. American ships were seized by Britain and France. In addition, Great Britain captured 10,000 American sailors and made them work in the British Navy. These embargo policies influenced America’s decision to go to war. Its effect was to stop imports as well as exports. Many American seamen were out of work. Merchants went bankrupt, and jails were filled with criminals. Since Americans could not export or sell their produce, they went into debt. The only thing Americans could d...

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...nomy that boosted America’s independence from foreign countries.

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