Essay about The War Of 1812 And Its Impact On America

Essay about The War Of 1812 And Its Impact On America

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If something happened, but one claims to forget about it, did it really happen? Throughout American history a multitude of events have occurred which have been “forgotten.” American history has not only been “forgotten” but it has also been taught under a different light. What exactly does this mean? Being taught under a different light does not mean in the dark or at night or during the day but rather much more complex than that. In many high schools around America the history is being taught from a skewed point of view. This is precisely done so that America is not seen in a negative perspective. Many times high school teachers only teach the side of history, which make America appear to be admirable, these textbooks that the teachers use often sugarcoat what actually occurred. Rather than stating all the facts from a bloody war or even from the several genocides which Americans have committed these textbooks ensure that it is either sugarcoated or the textbook will play around the fact that Americans actually committed these horrific acts. The War of 1812 was one such occasion in which the history books refer to as the “forgotten War.” This war was not in fact forgotten as many may claim, the issue is that when interviewing self claimed historians on television those who are being interviewed are not true historians. The television producers will not actually interview a true historian because a true historian will not say what the tv audience wants to hear hence these fake “historians” get on tv and start speaking of some nonsense and thus this war became known as the “forgotten War” (Professor Johnson class notes). The following essay will analyze The War of 1812 and its several different outcomes when it came to strengths an...

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...of 1812. For starters the way in which America spread the word of the war was a complete fail. Choosing to spread the word about the war through the common post really was a mistake on the behalf of the Northern Americans because the common post could take weeks even months, this caused all other commanders to know that the war was taking place all before North American commanders do (PBS Video). The lack of communication was one of the several weaknesses of the New American Republic. Another one of the American faults was the while planning their attack they did not take into consideration the land which they would be fighting on. What this means is that the Americans planned out all these attacks but failed to realize that their form of transportation worked its best on water, which was seized by the french, and the jungle was unfamiliar grounds to them (PBS Video).

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