The War Of 1812 And Its Effect On American History Essay examples

The War Of 1812 And Its Effect On American History Essay examples

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The War of 1812 is quite a strange time in history. This confrontation between the United States and British North America (the precursor to Canada) is often caught in-between many other famous conflicts such as the American Revolutionary and Civil Wars. It’s due to this awkward occurrence very little of it is actually taught in schools, leaving the winner of the war seemingly ambiguous, often being stated ‘‘The War of 1812 looms small in American memory.”1 Though the war was relatively minor, it benefitted Canada more than any other conflict in this time period. The War of 1812 has created and reinforced Canada’s independence during and many years after it occurred. Through the numerous battles Canadian soldiers fought and won, the critical timing of the conflict, and the reinforcing of the war’s importance in Canadian history, The War of 1812 has proven itself as a conflict worth remembering.
To begin, The War of 1812 itself had many different battles that Canadian soldiers won, and substantial events occurring, that increased Canadian solider morale and in turn, contributed towards their independence. The war began in June of 1812 and ended in February of 1815. The major belligerents involved in the war were The United States, fresh off the American Revolutionary War and their well-earned independence, Britain (as British North America, or Canada, which is what they will be referred to as henceforth), and many first nations people (which mostly allied with Canada). It was mostly born through complications between the United States and Britain, with also possibly the United States wanting to demonstrate their military strength (which is party why the war is referred as a second Revolutionary War). (CITE). Canada proceeded to ob...

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...g the power of the United States (especially considering their track record) would no doubt have been very liberating. Another argument was that Canadian citizens did not support the war and the majority of soldiers were conscripted as a result, which meant Canadians (so-called “Reluctant Warriors” (cite))
Canada’s complete independence from Britain was still a long and arduous battle that was not accomplished for quite some time, but regardless, The War of 1812’s importance to this milestone can not be overlooked. Canada’s surprising military strength and tactics, timing of the war itself, and the legacy that the war left behind all contributes to Canada’s image today. This all paved the way to Canadian Confederation in 1867 and becoming an independent country in the 20th century, and it does not seem that Canada will be a dependant nation ever again.

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