The War of 1812: Among Americans, Canadians and Native Americans

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Who won the war of 1812? to win a war is no simple task. The War started while the napoleonic wars were going on in europe. The English, whom could not defend canada with much force, the americans realized attacke. So how do you win and lose a war. The definition of win is to be a successful in a result a contest, conflict, bet. have something taken away: to cease to possess or have something such as a job or home. So who was the most successful or which side was impacted more and why was it a large conflict. Who came out of the war more successful or unsuccessful, well that depends in what area where they most successful or unsuccessful, for example in land the british won, and the natives lost and in economics the Americans. The effect in death toll was grander for the Natives. as 2,260 killed in action 4,505 wounded 15,000 (est.) Americans died from all causes and only 1600 british were killed in action 3500 were wounded and 3000 died from disease. The real losers were the natives as they had a few thousand die in battle (3000-4000) and many,many more from disease and from towns and villages being raided. This pretty muched wiped out the natives population and culture. Winning a war is not what you gain but what you loose, and there was no winner of the war of the war of 1812 in this case, as neither Canada or the United states lost much but the Natives lost everything . While First Nations rights before the war were guaranteed by both the Americans and British. There dream of the First Nations to have territory in north-western North America, where they would be free from further American encroachment. This was not realized. They choose to resist the American invasion and side with what became Canada. The Natives played ... ... middle of paper ... .... The americans and Canadians were in good shape population wise while the natives had lost a lot of troops and people thru disease. The death of tecumseh changed the war for the natives as after he died the natives really were not a force to be reckoned with and were not represented in negotiations in the treaty of ghent . The Natives also lost all their land and were put on reserves. The lesson learned is that the natives did not get their fare share of luck or land and the morale of this is you can't rely on one person to get things done. The natives in my opinion relied too heavily on Tecumseh. The Natives had a great start to the war thanks to Tecumseh but once he perished it all went downhill from there. This relates to the Raptors playoff series against the Brooklyn Nets. They relied on Demar Derozan to do everything. this did not work as they lost the series.

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