The War Of A Selective Service Army Essay

The War Of A Selective Service Army Essay

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The drums are beating, chest heavily, deadly silver races past you face. The battle has begun and you’re trapped in the middle, nowhere to go. So you stay and fight to survive, but the real question is why are you there? Is it in your hometown, or a foreign land? Are you there for your country, the family, or maybe not by your own choice. In many wars in our nation 's past soldiers have been sent into battle, not out of their own free will, but by government law. In wars, such as Vietnam, where twenty-five percent of the soldiers that were sent weren’t chosen by free will, often times soldiers who don’t perform well don’t want to be there by any means. People during that time citizens often blamed all those soldiers’ deaths and forced service on the national draft. Now because of that, the government transitioned the army into a selective service army only. Recently, with the decline of the army’s size, there has been a large debate upon reinstating the draft even though the voluntary army has been a very effective system. Accordingly, with this discussion coming up, there are people on both sides of the argument about whether you should or shouldn’t bring it back. Each side has its own pros and cons, but there has been no choice on whether or not the federal government and military will take any action upon the matter. A necessary or nationally required draft is unnecessary because of our army’s size, you shouldn’t have to risk your life if you don’t believe in what you’re fighting for, and it could cause less people to want to be in the army.
To begin with the inquiry on why the draft should not be mandatory, there is the debate upon how big the army is right now. Many different population groups within the country and the w...

... middle of paper ...

... worth the try. It would be a waste of time for all involved to try to bring back a broken system no matter how scratched and scraped up the system you have may seem. The size is adequate for this moment in time, but if adjustments are needed, they would be easy to make due to any situation that could come the nations way. If the cause is really worth it, the citizens of the nation will be lining up at the door to enlist in the army. Yet if they don’t have the skill set, will, or need to fight, any citizen should not be required by law to go to war. That could lead to people doing any and everything to get out of going to battle, no matter what they would have to do. In the end, a voluntary military system would show to be a better system in the end result because the soldiers would belong there because they want to be there and believe in what they are fighting for.

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