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The War of 1948 Essay

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The War of 1948, also known as the War of Independence, was fought between Israel and its Arab neighbors. The war began May 15, 1948 when units from the armies of Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq invaded Israel launching a war that lasted until December 1948.# The war resulted in the defeat of the Arab forces and the success of Israel as a newly established state. It is evident that the Arab forces were not successful in the first Arab-Israeli war because the Arab army lacked motivation, education, and proper equipment.# Despite the support from Arab states outside of Palestine, the Arabs were unable to gain enough strength to overcome the Israeli forces. In contrast, the Israeli army was able to succeed because they had unconditional support from the Jewish community, efficient infrastructures, and modern equipment. Israel also used significant strategies that proved lethal against the competing Arab forces. With the Arab communities unorganized attempt to go to war in 1948, it was inevitable that Israel would come out of the war as the victor.
One of the first recognizable problems that the Arab forces had when entering the war in 1948 was the insignificant amount of soldiers the army contained. At the beginning stages of the war, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Syria, did not send their full armies into Palestine. The combination of all five countries led to about 25,000 soldiers who were poorly trained, unorganized, and did not have a supply system that could function properly. By May of 1948, it is estimated that Egypt sent a total of 10,000 soldiers, Jordan 8,000 soldiers, Iraq 4,000-6,000 soldiers, Syria 1,500-2,500 soldiers, and Lebanon fewer than 1,000 soldiers to fight in the war.# The Arab army lacked the ne...

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...r under one leadership. The Arab forces were more so scattered and unable to join together under a single cause, creating instability within. The most effective strategy in war that helped the Israeli forces win was the occurrence of Plan D, which pushed thousands of Arabs out of zones that Israel deemed important. By executing Plan D, the Israeli forces were able to create a sense of fear throughout the Arab population, and ultimately lead the Palestinian Arabs to flee instead of supporting and fighting with the Arab forces. From being outnumbered to not pursuing the same goal, the Arab states were doomed from the beginning. Israel’s effective means of using every opportunity to grow and remain organized led it to win the War of 1948, thus creating a greater sense of pride within the newly established state, and creating a military that could not be tarnished.

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