War Is So Terrible, Or We Would Grow Too Fond Of It Essay example

War Is So Terrible, Or We Would Grow Too Fond Of It Essay example

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“It is well that war is so terrible, or we would grow too fond of it.” Robert E. Lee (Tindall 716). The Civil War was a fight for the people, a war of the people, and was a surprise to people about the outcome of the long winded battle. This war, being the bloodiest battle in American history, effected the lives of every American alive at this time (Civil War 1). Issues of expansion, states rights, and Abraham Lincoln - a Republican- winning the election of 1860 were the major causes of this brutal war, with slavery playing a major role in all causes (Feature 1). Beginning in 1861 and ending in 1865, being the longest battle fought in America up to this time, ended with approximately 620,000 dead, multiple wounded, and others scared for life (Civil War 1). “No tongue can tell, no mind conceives, no pen portray the horrible sights I witnessed this morning” a Pennsylvania Soldier (Tindall 716).
“ Free soil, free speech, free labor, and free men” the Liberty party (Tindall 648). After the Mexican war , in 1846 to 1850 David Wilmot- a Democrat from Pennsylvania- presented the idea that any land acquired through war would be a free land. He favored expansion, and believed that slavery had to come to an end in Mexico and if new land were to be acquired there should be no slavery to inhabit that land. His persistence of two years to win the vote for the Wilmot Proviso- acquired territory should be free land- failed in 1850. This proviso, though it failed, prompted discussion about secession. The south had not agreed with the idea of acquired land being free land, and wanted it to be slave land, further considering the idea of secession. In 1820 the Missouri compromise provided a balance between free and slave states, if a slave stat...

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...may be necessary to put the foot down” which is what ended the issue of slavery (Tindall 690).
“No tongue can tell, no mind conceive, no pen portray the horrible sights I witnessed this morning” (Tindall 716). The long drawn war was a cruel fight for America (Civil War 1). With the issue of slavery effecting expansion and states rights, when Abraham Lincoln won the election of 1860, the south chose to seceded the Union causing the beginning of the Civil War (Feature 1). The battle affected the future of America became the bloodiest battle America had would ever experience on American soil. This collection of battles fought throughout American land surprised the people, showing to be a long war for the Americas, fought for the people, by the people (Civil War 1). “It is well that war is so terrible, or we would grow too fond of it.” Robert E. Lee (Tindall 716).

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