Essay on War Is A Terrible Idea

Essay on War Is A Terrible Idea

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War is a terrible idea, and our society is doomed to be engage in it for the near future because of our occasionally clashes. The interesting thing is that the clashing isn’t through the citizens of the country; in fact most citizens of the country don’t want the war at all and don’t care about the war or the opposing countries people. If it came to the decision of the people there would be no dispute besides the little fights over land or livestock. The biggest fighting always involves the political leaders and their political beliefs. Everything that occurs within a country depends on the political clasp the leader contains over the country. There are several hundreds of countries in the world that have poor living circumstances and most of this depends on how the government runs. Government has been an issue since the caveman drawings on the walls; there is always a leader within a group and someone who disagrees. Over the years there has been some influential characters that talked about their personal opinion on how government should be ran. Each idea is substantially different from the other in significant ways. Plato in his dialogue, The Republic, spoke out that leaders should be philosophers, Nicolo Machiavelli discussed in his novel, Prince, that leaders need to be feared to be successful, and the last work was written by Marcus Aurelius and is called The Mediations in which he discussed the importance to be a respected leader.
Plato is one of the first scholars to discuss the morals of political leaders, in his dialogue The Republic and his main idea is that the leaders should be philosophers too. Plato discussed different levels citizens have to go through for them to begin to achieve the idea of becoming a leader so...

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... villages that are isolated; they still have their leaders. Life is a troubled idea, and really no philosopher or brain scientist will be able to make people genuinely happy and solve all of their problems. Leaders try their best to make things better for their people, but sometimes there are leaders who don’t even bother. Throughout the years, there has only been one true successful type of leader, and this would be the respected leader. Aurelius makes a great point in pointing out how leaders should look out for their people, in regards in their happiness and safety. He also points out how the leader should be the one to enforce the wrong doers of their crime, so that things are not destroyed in the process in the success. In this way a leader earns respect, and this are the best leaders because they are not feared so there is hardly any chance of an anarchy state.

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