War Has Cursed Man For Eternal History Essay example

War Has Cursed Man For Eternal History Essay example

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War has cursed man for eternal history. Its devastation has prolonged tragedies for millions of people. The gruesome killings represents the pain of innocent men who fall in the drains of perdition. The instruments of violence target the zones of demolition and the souls of brave men. This essay examines the massacres of war in Owen.
In Anthem for Doomed Youth, Owen uses similes to describe the devastation of war. He symbolizes a “dying cattle” to reflect a troop of men being trounced in a warzone. He compares them to cattle because they are no more significant than steers being slaughtered for meat. He describes a muddy battlefield full of wounded men. They spurt blood and howl the enemy for survival like animals being butchered. Stephens & Waterhouse (1987) stated “Cattle, slaughtered for and the passing-bells which sound only for humans, whose slaughter is needless” (p. NA).
Owen incorporates metaphors to create a Church of Death from the killing fields. Some men are victorious while others lay dead and abandoned in the grace of death. There are no witnesses who can claim the me...

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