Essay on The War For Independence Was Long And Tedious

Essay on The War For Independence Was Long And Tedious

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The war for independence was long and tedious. Both Americans and British had different strategies that would prove to be successful. The British had a strong army with access to resources of an empire. In contrast the Americans seemed to have no upper hand on the British however they were on U.S. soil where as the British were far away from home and most of all far away from their resources. There were three phases in the American revolution, strategies from both the British and Americans differed greatly from one another having a profound affect on American history.
In the first stage of the revolution the British were unaware of a war, in Boston however, the colonial forces took offense to the British and turned the American colonies into a battle ground. The Americans strategy was to move the British out and regain claim of the land. In 1775 the Americans besieged the army of general Thomas Gage. Later at the battle of bunker hill the Americans experience severe casualties. Despite their high number of casualties, the British enemies unexpectedly suffered more casualties (Bri...

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