War By Time Table : How The First World War Essay

War By Time Table : How The First World War Essay

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AJP Taylor described the influence the European countries and their alliances between each other had on World War I. Taylor wrote the book, War by Time-Table: How the First World War Began, in chronological order from the creation of alliances, to feelings of peace, to destruction and disagreement leading to World War I, and the causes and results of the conflict between the European countries. Taylor argued that when the 20th century opened there were six great powers who had a remarkable run of peace and the Concert of Europe was a phrase that had much reality. The men of the time believed that if each state pursued its own interests the good of all would be achieved and would be self-operating. Taylor used the belief of the men from that time to illustrate the creation of the alliances and the movement from a time of long peace to a time of world war.
In comparison to Taylor, Fritz Fischer author of the book, Germany’s Aims in the First World War, only focused on Germany and the Austria-Hungary Empire. Fischer comprised the book with day-to-day conversations between the leaders of Germany and the leaders of the Austria-Hungary Empire to transcribe how Germany was blamed for the start of World War I: “Berchtold had told Austria’s representatives to take the same line.” Fischer argued a historian’s duty was to establish facts and to marshal them in the sequence of cause and effect. To achieve this, the purpose of Fischer’s book was to show that the age of imperialism did not end, but reached its first climax in Germany’s colossal effort to be a force which would be equal in terms of establishment with the world powers: British Empire, Russia, and the United States. He carried out extensive studies in the archives of differ...

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...ow they reacted to Germany’s ability to manipulate Austria-Hungary into war. Taylor, much like Fischer had holes in her argument that needed to be filled. Taylor ignored the people’s reaction within each European country and only looked at each country as a whole which led to a biased opinion of how the countries felt. To add more to her argument that would have made it more convincing Taylor should have narrowed down her topic to the alliances or the destruction of World War I. This would have lessened the amount of new information presented to the reader and would have compiled her argument to a more direct reason to the influence the alliances had on the start of World War I. Fischer and Taylor had arguments that answered questions about World War I, but each could have looked at certain parts differently to fill the holes in their arguments.

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