War and Criminal Justice Essay

War and Criminal Justice Essay

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Since time immemorial, man has always lived in perpetual fear of his enemies. To ensure a secure environment or reach a desired goal conflicts in diverse forms have been the order of the day in suppressing objects that impede the desired goal. However, among other needs and wants for man, security has been a foremost requirement. Enemy objects take various forms. This can be man against man which has been the basis of both old and new wars. Many reasons have sparked war between man and his fellow man. Men may wage war because of a scramble for a resource such as water, minerals, and a range of others. Other reasons for war may be a scramble for land, national sovereignty, religious differences, ideological differences, and race to mention just a few. These reasons have dominated specifically old wars (UN Conventions 1)
However, in more modern times, new reasons for waging wars have emerged. One of this is terrorism. Terrorism has taken the center stage in the international arena popularly known as “the war on terror” .Nations have been drawn into the conflicts from every part of the globe (The Future of International Justice 1).
International war on terrorism became more pronounced and gained international focus when over three thousand people were killed in a single terrorist attack on the twin towers of the trade center in America. Fear, disbelief, anger, despair, frustrations, economic reactions, and a host of other emotional feelings gripped the international community. Leaders all over the world condemned the heinous act. That was when the war on terror was declared on a global scale. The goal was to capture and punish perpetrators of the ghastly terrorist attack. The then Bush administration was drawn into war with ...

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...national laws is ineffective soldiers involved as combatants, civilian’s rights abridged, and the politicizing of human rights are core elements worthy focusing on. Constraints on the use of force should be the responsibility of Nations and a legal framework should be for trying terrorists and cases of terrorism should be internationally enforced. It should be made clear from the onset that politicking and trampling of human rights should be comprehensibly covered in the event of war. The road ahead remains a tormenting one. The justification for war, peace and justice where international courts have not had any means of enforcing their laws and the enforceability of orders issued by the ICC, US policies in war against terror and the hostility accruing thereof is a matter of concern. War, human rights, peace, and justice should be the responsibility of all nations.

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