War Always Takes You By Surprise Essay

War Always Takes You By Surprise Essay

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“War always takes you by surprise” (Satrapi 81). Imagine sitting in your office on a normal day; you know that your country is potentially at war, but you just have not seen it with your own eyes. Then, BOOM, right out your office window you see giant air planes and you are taken by surprise by war. This situation is similar to what happened in the story of “The F_14s” with Marjane and her father; shown by a few different panels on pages eighty and eighty-one.
The Complete Persepolis is a graphic novel that tells the life story of Marjane Satrapi. It starts with Marjane in school, kindly describing herself and the difference between her and others. It goes on throughout the novel telling different stories of her uncle, her grandfather, her parents, and herself. From her parents going to political rallies to her uncle’s crazy stories to her making her own stories. The novel is focused around social activism and the Iran and Iraq war.
On page eighty, with there being nine panels; the first panel is Marjane and her father sitting in his office, the next panel symbols an explosion with BOOM written in it. The next few panels are showing fighter jets flying. On page eight-one there are ten panels, showing the panic of Marjane and her father as they rush home to Taji, Marjane’s mother. The very last panel is Marjane with her mother and father standing in the bathroom, Marjane and her father obviously upset and Marjane’s mather clearly taken by surprise.
The war that took everyone by surprise, though was seen coming was caused by many reasons; religious, border issues, and political conflicts. “Above all, Iraq launched the war in an effort to consolidate its rising power in the Arab world and to replace Iran as the dominant Persi...

... middle of paper ...

...because though most feel as if though, with the way things are headed, we could go to war at any time, but no one (with an exception of dooms-day preppers) mentally and physically want to prepare themselves for such a situation. The civilians would panic because there would be jets flying around with bombs dropping which is told through a real life experience represented clearly on pages eighty and eighty-one.
Marjane and her father rush home in a panic to make sure Marjane’s mother is okay. War definitely will take you by surprise even when you are expecting it. These people knew what was going to happen, especially with oil being in the middle east. Though, they we’re expecting it no one is fully prepared for what war brings. No one can mentally and physically prepare no matter how much you are to try, which is why, “War always takes you by surprise” (Satrapi 81).

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