Essay about The War Against Planned Parenthood

Essay about The War Against Planned Parenthood

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The war against Planned Parenthood has escalated in the past 5 year by anti abortion/Pro life groups. They view Planned Parenthood as a place that is against their religion, kill innocent children, and hook teens to sex for their business. "Planned Parenthood is one of the most insidious organizations in the country," says Ann Scheidler, co-founder of the Pro-Life Action League. "Ever since its founding, it has sought to undermine the integrity of the family, to facilitate immoral behavior … and to lead teenagers into really risky behavior. It 's largely responsible for the breakdown of morality in the country" (Mendoza, 2). This can all be found on a website called It is an website for an Pro-life christian organization and their plan to stop Planned Parenthood. On another anti Planned Parenthood website they wrote,
Do you know that there is a holocaust going on worldwide right now? We are not talking about war, crime or political oppression. Those are miniscule by comparison. The biggest human rights abuse on earth today is the killing of little children while they still live in the womb - commonly referred to as abortion.
On July 14, 2015, a Pro Life group called Center for Medical Progress released videos “proving” that Planned Parenthood profits from selling aborted parts of fetal tissue. It portrayed a Planned Parenthood official callously discussing how to abort a fetus while preserving its organs for medical research to two anti-abortion activists posing as scientists (Somashekhar & Paquette, 2015). In August, a private research company concluded that the videos were deceptively edited and did not “present a complete or accurate record of the events they purport to depict” (Calmes, 2015).” Even these alle...

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...ntrol. Medicaid would cover some of those births, the report asserts, and some of those children would qualify for Medicaid and other welfare programs. The office’s math: Halting federal funds to Planned Parenthood would shrink spending by $520 million in the short run -- but, over the first decade, it would cost taxpayers an additional $650 million.
If Planned Parenthood is defunded so many repercussions could be detrimental. Teen pregnancy rates will go up, STD’S will rise and illegal and unsafe abortion deaths could rise. When the Planned Parenthood was shut down in Indiana, Scott County experienced an HIV outbreak. Planned Parenthood was the county 's sole HIV testing center, and as a result of intravenous drug use, it saw an explosion of the disease in 2015. There were over 150 new cases reported in the tiny county of 23,000, according to the Chicago Tribune

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