War Against Isis Or The Islamic State ( Isil ) Essay

War Against Isis Or The Islamic State ( Isil ) Essay

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Right now the U.S. is facing a dilemma of whether they should or should not go to war against ISIS or the Islamic State (ISIL). This writer believes the U.S. should not go to war against ISIS. The reasons for this are simple. For one, going to war against ISIS or ISIL might validate what they are trying to accomplish. This is to get the moderates and turn them into extremists, thus spreading their influence and power globally. The second reason is going to war against them will leave the U.S open to inside attacks. The reason this would happen is because we are so focused on over there and our security here will be not as strong as it would be if we didn’t go to war. The third reason is the United States does not have a clear and planned out strategy for dealing with ISIS. The fourth and final reason is by far the most important. If you look at history you can see that we already attempted to win this type of war and it has been proven unwinnable. The U.S may get minor victories, but we will never completely win over in the Middle East.
ISIL is not a joke of an army it is made up of some of Saddam Hussein’s closest generals and to take them lightly would be downright idiotic. As supporters of not going to war say in the article ISIS, “[I]s America cause a backlash among the very people it needs to win over?” (ISIS) They make a very valid argument. By stating this they are saying if we do engage in military action against ISIS we could be validating extremists views that “America is a threat to all Muslims” (ISIS) and by doing this the Muslim population that are only moderates might turn extremists and join ISIS’s cause.
This kind of action would only strengthen ISIS’s power and influence and make their reach that much more vast ...

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...efore they can create the operational wherewithal to conduct a Sept. 11-like tragedy” (ISIS). The problem with this argument is again by looking at history. Al-Qaeda was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. ISIS was once part of Al-Qaeda, so ISIS has already performed that type of attack. Since we’re responsible for creating ISIS, wouldn’t it be justified to say that 9/11 was our fault?
To conclude if the United States engages with ISIS, our homeland may become compromised. The Islamic State is not in just one place. These people have managed to spread their influence everywhere. Spreading our forces even thinner than they are, could have “disastrous effects” on the United States. Our actions could also fuel the people that are unsure of joining ISIS’s movement, to join, thus making ISIS that much stronger. That is why the U.S should not go to war against ISIS or ISIL.

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