Essay on War : A State Of Conflict Between Societies

Essay on War : A State Of Conflict Between Societies

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War can be defined as “A state of conflict between societies”. It was stated by Richard Gabriel “Nations customarily measure the 'costs of war ' in dollars, lost production, or the soldiers killed or wounded; rarely do military establishments attempt to measure the costs of war in terms of individual human suffering.” In counter position – one may personally define war as the human suffering from conscious decisions of countries. The implications of war are conveyed through numerous characters, triggering flashbacks of events that affect the psychological state of the soldiers. Regeneration is told through the main protagonist Rivers; Megan Smith suggests that Rivers is a psychiatrist who is used to authorise the reader to gain a further understanding of the mind of patients at Craiglockhart. On the other hand, ‘Journey’s End’ looks at frontline soldiers. Therefore, in general, critics both are different genres of literature on different times written. Meaning, it presents us with a contrast that shows the different presentation on the implications of war.

‘Regeneration’ by Pat Barker was first published in 1991 and is an anti-war novel that examines how soldiers at this time could develop psychosomatic conditions from the implications of war presented in the text more graphically compared to an older text from the critiques lack of understanding of mental health. At Craiglockhart, Willard (who is brought to Rivers) stated that he is in fact paralysed. Although, because of Rivers successful advancement in psychological progress, the attitude to Willard’s condition is changed - “paralysis is no use to a coward Mr. Willard. A coward needs his legs”. This can show that “Willard” was actually never able to grasp the true f...

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...ations to the soldiers from the disgusting conditions as a “crippling overload of panic and despair”. There are very few ways that soldiers could overcome this problem although it seems that the only way the soldiers could overcome these effects of war itself is to detach their emotions by suppressing them and granting that this is their lives now and that they just have to live with it. Audiences of the time would not question this because any sign of emotion is a sign of weakness for a man – at the time of publishing (1929) playing a role in this, especially as this would be shocking as it experiments with the use of emotions in men that is something that would rarely be spoken about. However, much newer audiences and critics RJ Jackson may have argued that they were not able to detach their emotions from war, as the change from their daily lives was so ‘drastic’.

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