Walter's Inc. Project Proceures Essay

Walter's Inc. Project Proceures Essay

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1.0 Introduction 3
2.0 Walters Project Procedure 3
3.0 Industrial Welding Positions 4
4.0 Welding Processes 5
5.0 Torque Control Bolts 7
6.0 Standards, Limitations, and Restrictions in Making Holes in a Beam 8
7.0 Primary Member Utilization 9
8.0 Role of “Fitters” 10
9.0 Unit Pricing 11
10.0 Engineering, Shop, and Erection Drawings 12

1.0 Introduction
During the snow storm on March 12th, 2014, fabrication was underway at Walters Inc. in Hamilton, Ontario. Even though our tour took place indoors, the weather gave us an insight to what conditions the field crew would experience while erecting the structural steel. Walters Inc. designs, fabricates, and erects structural steel systems. The following sections will explain:
• Typical Procedure for Projects
• Welding Processes and Positions
• Torque Control Bolts and Making Holes in Beams
• Efficient & Economical Member Utilization
• Fitters and their Role in a Project
• Pricing and Drawings
2.0 Walters Project Procedure
There is a long process between the point that Walters is awarded the job and when steel arrives on site. After the bidding stage, Walters receives structural and architectural drawings from the client. They start by detailing the connections to suit the clients’ drawings. If any changes occur, or if a connection is too complex, they can meet with the client to discuss how they can make the connection less complex. This is all completed while keeping in mind the welding positions for the on and off site welders. Walters’ employees would then start making a timeline of when the steel pieces would be erected.
After the connection drawings are complete, they are sent for approval. If they are not approved, the drawings ar...

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