Walmart Human Resource Management Uses Internal And External Recruitment Processes

Walmart Human Resource Management Uses Internal And External Recruitment Processes

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At Walmart human resource management uses internal and external recruitment processes when hiring for all positions. Walmart uses three major internal recruitment processes, current employees, trainees, and transfers. For external recruiting, respondents to job advertisements, campuses, and previous applicants are most significant to the firm. Of the three, respondents to job advertisements is the largest because Walmart posts job openings regularly on their website. Also they have introduced a new online recruitment website and applicant tracking system. The website allowed them to process over 185,000 applications which added a total of 7,078 new associates to their business in 2010 (Next Generation).
In addition to Walmart’s internal and external recruitment processes, they use direct and indirect methods. The direct method contacts prospective employees directly which speeds up the recruitment process instead of waiting for applicants. The downfall of only using the direct method is that it limits the population of potential recruits. Inverse to the direct method increases HR’s objective to a much larger population. Indirect methods account for the majority of recruitment processes which consist of advertisements and other media relations that are cost effective. This also allows them to branch out globally (Thompson).
When hiring, structured interviews, personality tests and situational judgment tests are used for many job positions. The structured interviews help Walmart learn about applicants and provide them with what the job expectations are. Personality tests aid Walmart to see if the applicant is a good fit for the company’s culture. Furthermore, situational judgment tests determine the analytical and problem-solving ...

... middle of paper ... the corporate ladder is possible with a hard work ethic. The culture of the organization is substantially influenced by the characteristics of top executives and the way performance is evaluated. If they struggle in these areas the innovation capabilities, teamwork and the flow of information will be affected.
Great managers and leaders possess the ability to articulate a vision and position their employee’s strengths and efforts in a way that both will achieve success while still motivating and inspiring them for continuous improvement. By combining development, training, and operational activities, the Walmart leadership academy delivers a greater impact than generic management training (McKinney). This keeps employees structured toward the company’s mission. The leadership academy also has led the company to higher sales due to proper training and influence.

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