Essay on Walmart, A New And Encompassing Cultural Signal

Essay on Walmart, A New And Encompassing Cultural Signal

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As of 2013, 62% of Fortune 500 companies offered benefits to domestic partners. In
2013, Walmart, one of the nation’s largest employers, decided to allow domestic partners to be
covered in their healthcare and a few other benefits starting in 2014. According to USA Today,
“Walmart spokesman Randy Hargrove said the company had been working to better define what
a domestic partner is and that the Supreme Court 's decision helped prompt its move. Partners of
Walmart employees can be of the same or opposite sex and married or unmarried, as long as
they 've been "living together in an ongoing exclusive" relationship for at least 12 months and
intend to stay that way.”
It appears that Walmart is sending a new and encompassing cultural signal that they are
treating all their employees fairly regardless of their personal lifestyle. One of the stipulations is
when should an employee be eligible for benefits. (O’Donnell, 2013) Hargrove states,
“Hargrove said Walmart is testing how to make it easier for employees to see what shifts are
available when they want more hours. He said employees must be with the company a year and
work an average of 30 hours a week to become eligible for health care coverage.” Some of the
changes that come along with adding this new eligibility is the adding of incentives to stop
smoking, vision plans and some surgeries are actually covered up to 100% including hip
replacement surgery. (O’Donnell, 2013)
The Arkansas based company, Walmart, is offering these benefits to all employees in all
50 states. They decided to provide coverage for any domestic partner or spouse regardless of
gender. Hargrove again gives more information in regards to these changes, “We have 1.3
million associates...

... middle of paper ...

...a glass escalator would be when a young white man
starts in a company and very quickly finds himself in a management positon.
The LGBT community is not partial to these terms and concepts either. Members of the
LGBT community could fall victim to glass ceilings, sticky floors and glass walls keeping them
contained in one area or another. However, depending on who is making the hiring and
promoting decisions, they very well could be on a glass escalator just as anyone else. It doesn’t
appear that these concepts of glass walls, glass ceilings, glass escalators and sticky floors
necessarily pertain to Walmart or FedEx. They are just something to consider, but not the basis
of the real topic at hand of all employees receiving the same kind of benefits from their job. The
benefits are healthcare, medical, prescription coverage, vision, hearing, dental, etc.

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