Essay on Wallace 's Comments On Writing Style And Lifestyle

Essay on Wallace 's Comments On Writing Style And Lifestyle

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It would seem that Wallace 's comments are grandiloquence as he suggests "Herodotus whole account of Kleomenes is notoriously hostile and unsatisfactory" Wallace (1954: 35). However, Wallace 's comments would seem unfair as Herodotus writing style and lifestyle is much more different to Wallace 's. However, one will explore the writings of Herodotus in regards to Wallace 's comments to find out if indeed Wallace was fair in his assertion of Herodotus story of Kleomenes or not. Furthermore, one explorer styles of writing and particular how it may capture the attention of the reader.

With all ancient historians, they all share one thing in common they have their own opinions in their own writings. They try to keep to the truth of matter. However, it would seem that situations that arose in their stories, made keeping it true difficult, as they can no long contain themselves, they felt that whichever side they were on, were dealt with unjustly, that had to say it. However, as a writer "style defines the way an author conveys an idea or a sentiment. Greek is famously flexible in style because its order of inflected words allows many variable sequences and emphases" Lateiner (2002: 364). Maybe Wallaces comment is he refers to the "whole book" but does not pin point or give example on what he finds so offensive about Herodotus writing Wallace (1954: 35). One has to assume that it 's possibly that Kleomenes being portrayed as a drunk or the timeline within the story that would indicate that it is out of sync with events. Nerveless, could it be he is basing his claim on what other author have said about Herodotus without reading the translated text clearly or better still, translating the text himself would give him a clearer picture. Wa...

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...ion" Doody et al (2012: 234).in fact, if Doody et al are correct in what they say then this sets the tone for Herodotus stories. If one looks at parts in this brief story line, we can see that Herodotus does have a moral; he does promote Kleomenes, which shows him to be honourable, well at least in this particular part of the story.
In addition, to this Herodotus works shows that he only writes about "particular themes that concern him" Kirsch (1991:40) or what he thinks his audience wants to hear. Wallace may believe that Herodotus should write about themes that interest him. More so, Herodotus holds a "position of authority" within his writing while as a "writer assume a more informal stance with their audience and judges them to be less knowledgeable" Kirsch (1991:42). Herodotus shows that he has a sense of the audience by readjusting his writings to reflect this.

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