Wall Street Journal Insights Essay

Wall Street Journal Insights Essay

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Wall Street Journal Insights
Cobra Kai*

This paper serves to identify and glean information from relevant areas of inquiry through desk research for designing a future marketing campaign. The overarching theme is the Wall Street Journal brand, top competitors, and millennial readership but also shows insight into legality, digital media, and exploring cultural memes.

The Brand: Trust VS Innovation
The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) operates under Dow Jones, which was acquired by News Corp. News Corp is a media conglomerate owned by Rupert Murdoch since 2007. WSJ is the leader in print circulation and currently offers over 20 products that delivers news and information to both individuals and institutions in 12 different language. WSJ is seen as trustworthy and traditional but does not project innovation or tech savviness which millennials crave.

Delivering quality content is key for WSJ because its brand is built on its trustworthiness. According to News Corp, WSJ has a strong goodwill compared to its competitors at $4.911 billion compared with $ 3.346 billion for USA Today (USAT), and $122.7 million for The New York Times (NYT). NYT and WSJ have charged for some, or all, of their website content and kept their total circulation fairly stable over the turbulent past few years.

WSJ is making efforts to use social media and other digital applications such as Storyful, to help newsrooms source, verify and distribute breaking news and viral content. The growth of digital is significant but print is still important to most newspapers which means that print will continue. But if majority of readers are going mobile, it will be time to change the business model in order to keep up with subscribers.

The Competition

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... them and might make them look smart. It is much more about the visual component than the content and there are several fan boards that do not appear very well maintained.

Instagram: Instagram posts are regular and get a significant amount of likes, although it does not have an exceptional follower base and themes are not consistent. There have been 394 posts since 109 weeks ago and it has 105,000 followers. Overall WSJ seems attempt to please every segment with pictures of big news, pop culture, and photos from lots of behind-the-scenes. About six months ago, WSJ started using the video option for a series called “how did the financial crisis affect you personally.” This could be leveraged to further engagement with the audience.

App: WSJ is the 8th most popular free news app on iTunes, and over 500k apps have been downloaded on Android phones to date.

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