The Walking Tour And A Outing Essay

The Walking Tour And A Outing Essay

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There is a thin line between a good walking tour and a mediocre walking tour, this thin line consists of the walking tours structure and its appeal to the audience. France is a location booming with culture with many of its cities highly rated on many traveler lists, but one takes the cake, has rated Paris, France as its #1 traveler’s choice of 2015. There are so many things to do in the capital of France, the beautiful city of lights, ranging from The Eiffel Tower, The Musee du Louvre, The Musee d’Orsey, The Arc de Triomphe to the Notre Dame Cathedral. In such a big city with so many things to do it’s quite easy to get lost and possibly not get the beauty of the city due to being so unfamiliar with your settings but that’s where walking tours come in. There are many different walking tours to choose from and a tourist would most likely rely on ratings to choose which walking tour to purchase. The walking tour guide that was chosen is called “Paris City Guide” by Rick Steven who is widely known for his walking tours all of which usually receive raving reviews.
A good walking tour consists of amazing structure and its appeal to its audience, and in this case the audience being tourists in Paris, France. This walking tour had an amazing structure in the beginning of the podcast which later sadly dwindled into what felt like a radio show. Rick Steves began the walking tour with an actual Parisian with him during it which probably felt very reassuring to the tourist. They began by talking about how great of a city Paris, where you can visit and etc. and you feel as if they are about to go in depth with this but they abruptly cut it off as Rick Steves began talking about neighborhoods and districts. The Parisian stated...

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...d and thorough it barely gave enough facts about so many historical sites. I liked the fact that they it was very interactive with the tourists even though that was not the purpose of the walking tour, as the purpose of a walking tour is used as a guide while you are in paris to know where to visit and what to do so that you are able to get the most out of your experience that whomever the tourist may be payed so much money for.
Compared to many other walking tours this seems like the top of the chain because with many other walking tours they come off as bland and boring because of too many facts while this one kept you awake and interested due to its connection with the audience. And for it to have become a good walking tour instead of an average walking tour there had to have been a balance between the two of these things that are crucial about a walking tour.

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