Walking On Water By Richard Paul Evans Essay example

Walking On Water By Richard Paul Evans Essay example

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Our past defines us of who we truly are as human beings, “to forget the past is to erase ourselves” (Evans 238). The tree with slathers of roots can signify how intricate a family’s roots can become. One must know their background in order to truthfully know themselves and emerge into a more sophisticated person. In Walking on Water, dictated by Richard Paul Evans, Alan, the lead character, encounters many conflicts with himself for not knowing his past. His mother died when he was pubescent and he never spent much time with his father because his father served in the war. As a result of his unacknowledged past, Alan struggles throughout the novel with finding his true self. Throughout the novel, Alan finds his family history book and begins reading it. This genuinely helps him in discovering himself and why he belongs on this earth. Background, history, and past knowledge are important for Alan’s character development throughout the book. Just like Asha in Secret Daughter, Alan also can move on in life after discovering his family past. He develops into a wiser and better man. There is also a theme emerging from this topic; “it’s our memories that make us who we are” (238).

Everyone, at a certain point in life, will experience a surge of anxiety. This is how Alan felt before calling Falene, someone he’s always loved. At this point of time in the novel, the readers learn more about Alan. He becomes very indecisive, vulnerable and afraid about this woman instead of being courageous, fearless and full of confidence. The readers get to see the true Alan, every chapter read, layers of his personality peeled. A theme that arises from this scenario is that “sometimes it’s easier to live with the uncertainty than to confront the truth”...

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...mself and his state of mind. He cannot stop thinking of McKale because “she was (his) treasure” (214). Someone will never truly get over their feelings for another unless they were never in love.

Moving on to something new can be very difficult for some people but is most of the time crucial in order to regain success and happiness in life. That is explicitly what Alan had to do. Throughout the novel, this is what Alan was struggling to achieve. As he was walking across America he was hoping to evacuate his depressive state of mind. At the end of his walk across America, he ends up in Key West where he throws “the shell back into the sea” (294). This signifies that he has completely moved on from grieving and depression because his shell reminded him of his father and the deaths of his loved ones. Releasing it in the ocean means letting go and moving on in life.

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