The Walking Of The Homeless People Discuss The Three Modes Of Walking That The Participants Reported

The Walking Of The Homeless People Discuss The Three Modes Of Walking That The Participants Reported

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In both research articles go into detail about their own theoretical perspective t. One talks about the social processes individuals go through, while the other research article on the walking of the homeless people discuss the three modes of walking that the participants reported.
The authors Stephen Hester and David Francis (2003) go into a lot of detail when analysing the visually available mundane order and talk about many of the other social processes that individuals use while understanding the social order when walking. Including the use of navigation which is the practical problem of selecting and evaluating walking paths in order to avoid colliding into another person or object. This is a common activity because most peoples activities during walking are navigating through and around people rather than interacting with them unless there is a real need to do so such as when asking someone to move out of the way if they present an obstacle (Stephen Hester, David Francis, 2003). This reinforced Garfield’s idea of civil inattention where, when walking, people barely glance at each other in order to prevent a conclusion. Observation also holds a relevance to the individuals or researchers location which includes taking into account features and locations in the environment relative the persons location. In the reading this mainly takes on the form of the narrator commenting on what is around him at the time such as what streets are adjacent to him or what land features are close by e.g pavements (Stephen Hester, David Francis, 2003).
Although these hold some relevance to how one observes and navigates his way through the city environment, the theory that carries the most weight is the categorical organisation of observable sc...

... middle of paper ...

...uild knowledge of where to go in the city and where not to go. Lastly walking as an occasion is important for individuals like myself as it allows us to see the world we live in as being less mundane, and reappraising ourselves in a new light, for instance I like to give meaning and create stories based on the various aspects I see around the city.

As demonstrated in this essay both articles provide contrasting perspectives of walking and how individuals see and interact with their world, we see through social ordering in the supermarket article of how people are able to automatically make sense of everyday activates through their face values and basic assumptions, while the homeless article provided a perspective of how individuals do different forms of walking and are abel to draw significance and produce meaning from the activity of walking.

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