The Walking Dead By Rick Grimes Essay

The Walking Dead By Rick Grimes Essay

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The Walking Dead is a horror drama television series that takes place in a zombie infested post-apocalyptic world. The series revolves around a sheriff 's deputy named Rick Grimes, who was shot and wounded in an altercation with criminals. As a result, he falls into a deep coma for months and awakens in a world in complete chaos. Rick at the beginning of the series searches for his beloved son, Shane and his wife, Lori across the state of Georgia. Eventually, Rick reunites with his family at a camp outside of Atlanta, Georgia, where a group of survivors try their best to avoid becoming zombies. Rick naturally assumes the position as the leader of the group and becomes the person that everybody looks to for guidance. No decision is made without the approval of Rick. At the start of it all, Rick seems to be a relatively straight forward character. As the series unfolds so does the layers of Rick Grimes personality. Rick’s personality traits are that he is a generally calm, caring, intelligent, fair and natural born leader. Unfortunately, his personality becomes his biggest weakness because he puts a great deal of responsibility upon himself. Rick blames himself for any negative occurrence that affects the group, even if it is not his fault. As the series progresses, Rick experiences a constant stream of traumatic events that ultimately take a toll on him. The former sheriff goes from a loving caring father to a psychotic leader that is willing to do anything for his people. This paper will use Freud’s psychodynamic perspective to explore the deep depths of Rick Grimes personality. Specifically, how his psychosexual development as a child, superego and his overall motivational drives ultimately affected him as a person.
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...y the product of his childhood development and his parental influence. Freud’s theory shows how much of Rick’s personality is driven by his super ego. Rick is a natural born leader, who sets high extremely high expectations for himself and not being a successful leader causes conflict to arise within. The post-apocalyptic world takes a toll on Rick and often times pushes him into a dark place. Rick’s environment greatly affected his caring personality and as result was engulfed with negative tension. Rick experienced Thanatos or the death drive that caused him to enter a spiral of self destruction. Also, Rick experienced catharsis as result of all the emotional tension that was bottled up inside him against Shane. Freud’s psychodynamic perspective is complex and difficult to understand but it does an excellent job of uncovering the depths of Rick Grimes personality.

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