Walking As An Exercise Regimen

Walking As An Exercise Regimen

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Walking is one of the least expensive forms of exercise, and the easiest to perform. It is a proven weight loss strategy that not only reduces weight, but also reduces stress and tones the body. Study conducted by Dr. James O. Hill in conjunction with the University of Colorado Health Science Center showed that moderate increase of 2000 additional steps daily hinder weight gain. Additional research showed that 10,000 steps is the break point to lose weight. Walking is not only vital to weight loss, but it is also effective in diminishing symptoms of hypertension and diabetes.
How much walking is effective?
The first study to determine how much walking is effective in weight reduction was conducted by the Center for Physical Activity and Health at the University of Tennessee. Study involved eighty female participants with a median age of fifty. Prior to starting the research, the participant’s weight, height and body mass was measured. Respondents wore a pedometer for a seven day period, and recorded their results nightly. The result showed participants who recorded 10,000 steps had the highest decrease in body fat, body mass as well as waist and hips reduction.
Wear a pedometer, this is a simple way to record your daily steps. Pin the device to your waist band in the AM and wear the gadget until it is time for bed. Record your steps in a note book or probably a log. Do this for a week to determine your average steps then try to increase your steps daily until you attain the goal of 10,000, which is roughly five miles per day. Advantages of pedometers, they are convenient low cost, convenient and provide feedback instantaneously. In addition, they are readily available for purchase at most retailers.
Footwear is an essential gear for achieving the goal of 10,000 steps, and must be flexible plus offer great support. In addition, they must provide the wearer with expansion capabilities. Shoe replacement is required at least every six months. Wear Well-fitted socks, they reduce the chances of blisters.

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Strategies to Reach your Goal
Walk the dog daily, this is good strategy to increase your steps, plus spend time with your pet. Break, why not take a walk? It might not seem like much, but fifteen minutes twice a day adds up. Take the stairs rather than the elevators, it is an effective strategy to help your achieve your goal of 10,000 steps.
It is advisable to consult with your health care provider before starting any exercise program.
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