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Walk Two Moons
Marta Segal says this, about the novel Sharon Creech’s Walk Two Moons, “This book is known for cultivating important thoughts on love, loss, and life. “Walk Two Moons is a story within a story, a story about stories, a travelogue, and a fable all rolled into one. It’s about kisses, families, cultural identity, redemption, education, travel, death, and love.” Walk Two Moons is about explaining the true nature of abandonment and love through a girl losing her mother, moving somewhere new, and meeting a girl who helps her make sense of her world, and a trip where she tells the reader and her grandparents the story. These crucial themes with subtle and carefully crafted twists and turns are bound to surprise every reader.
Important lessons often come from heart breaking experiences, and the main character of this novel, Salamanca Hiddle, is no exception to this rule. The first trial in that thirteen year old young ladies’ life is she has just lost her mother. The book says, “Gram and Gramps wanted to see Momma, who was resting peacefully in Lewiston, Idaho” (Creech). After hard times fell upon her mom, after losing an unborn child, she runs off. Salamanca’s Father, John, went out to see her, but decides it was best to not take Sal with him. Her mother ran off because she was emotionally hurt by having given birth to a stillborn baby, but also because she feels as though John is too good to her. Mrs. Hiddle says, “’Oh, you’re too good, John,’ she said. ‘You’re too good. All you Hiddles are too good. I’ll never be so good. I’ll never be able to think of all the things—‘” (Creech). She often felt as though she wasn’t good enough. She felt especially unworthy now that she had lost a child she had wanted so badly.

As Sala...

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...h all this information and understanding about the bus crash she returns to her grandparents to learn that Grandma Hiddle has passed away. This loss is something she has been prepared for; she is ready to say goodbye. These surprising but beautifully written twists in the plot are what makes this story as incredibly as it is.
Through the leaving of Pheobe’s mother, the true life of Mrs. Cadaver, the passing of Gram Hiddle, and the tragic leaving and passing of Sal’s mother, Salamanca learns invaluable lessons about love, life, and loss. She learns that until you’ve been inside someone else’s shoes you can’t know the whole story, you might always be sad but you can keep carrying on, mothers really are their very own people, that individuality is important to her growth, and Salamanca experiences, with perhaps greater drama, what every child eventually experiences.

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