Essay about Waking Dreams

Essay about Waking Dreams

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Ever have a dream that is just so realistic that you would swear it was real?

Once you start to recall it, it seems more like a memory than fantasy. You can remember tiny little details, such as what everyone was wearing and what time of day it was. You can name everyone you came into contact with. Most of all, you remember what you were thinking and how you felt.
How would you feel if someone told you that this dream was not a dream at all? That it actually happened.
Would you believe them? Would you be surprised? Shocked? Skeptical? Would you think that they’re crazy, or would part of you have known that that was truth all along?
Would you listen to all that this person has to say to you? Or would you walk away and not give it a second thought?

“And who are you, again?”
He rolled his eyes and exhaled.

Let’s say that this person told you that any dream that exists can’t only exist in our own heads. Everything we’ve ever dreamed, in one way or another, has been dreamed before. The people, the characters, the names, the faces. All of the colors, locations, feelings, and shapes have all been in the thoughts of another dreamer. That dream you once had, where that guy is chasing you down a long and dark hallway has been dreamed by someone else before. That guy has been chasing people for centuries. And that other dream you had, the one where you’re falling and falling and you jolt awake? Millions of people have fallen from that same place.
What if he said that very rarely is a dream uniquely yours. Dreams have the ability to walk throughout the minds of whomever they choose. They can saunter in and out of a few sleeping minds a night or none at all. One night they could be the main character of ...

... middle of paper ...

...s seem like an accident because they don’t want to be exiled from Reverie, should they choose to change their mind later. You should only be with me for a few days, and I need you to stay awake. We just have to figure out how we’re going to keep you up. I know they‘re among the waking and I…”

He rapidly rambled on, green eyes glittering with excitement. Well, I figured out the point to this creeper’s mission. All he needs from me is to spend a few days with him without sleeping? Sure. This is totally a good idea. Like taking candy from strangers in white vans and not looking before you cross a street good idea.
My final ten minutes was up. It was noon exactly. I grabbed my apron and tied it around my waist.

“Will you be coming with me now or shall I find you tonight?”

“Fuck off.”
His green eyes widened.
I laughed all the way back to my cash register.

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