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The Wake Of Abraham Lincoln 's Election Essay examples

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In the wake of Abraham Lincoln’s election to the presidency in 1860, South Carolinian officials signed a Declaration of Secession that renounced their ties to the United States and marked the creation of the Confederate States of America. Less than six months later, at the command of the Confederate president Jefferson Davis, troops were dispatched to assault Fort Sumter, a Union fort in the South Carolinian port of Charleston. This was the battle that signified the division of a nation. This was the culmination of years of conflict and debate between northern and southern state officials, including topics such as the interpretation of the United States Constitution, economic policies that would only help either the north or the south, and the growing cultural differences between the two regions. This was the American Civil War.
Since its creation in 1789 and the Bill of Rights that followed a mere two years later, the United States Constitution has provided the United States government with a series of rules and regulations that must be followed or, in certain cases, amended. However, people in the early United States saw this Constitution from various points of view. These opposing interpretations of the document led to the development of the first political parties in United States history; the Democratic Republicans, who believed in a weaker central government that would reserve power to the citizens of the newborn country, and the Federalists, who believed that the central government should be powerful and able to utilize implied powers that were not expressly mentioned in the Constitution. Federalist president John Adams managed to pass the Alien and Sedition Acts, which were a violation of rights granted to the citiz...

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...ommander Robert E. Lee and he was hanged for this raid (Davis, p.130-136). This escalation of violence demonstrated between abolitionists and slaveholders provided a warning for the coming war.
The Civil War was a conflict that truly demonstrated the sectionalist beliefs of the United States during the time period. However, it also provided insight into the cultural differences that had developed between the northern and southern states over the near-century prior to the war. Although other factors contributed to the development of the war, the most prominent factors that brought about this war were the differentiating opinions on slavery as well as the interpretation of principles represented in the United States Constitution. Despite having a rather short duration of only five years, the American Civil War left scars that were felt for the following decades.

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