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The Wake Forest Experience Essay

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The Wake Forest Experience
Wake Forest University serves an institute for higher learning, eminent for its top-notch academic reputation and its service in the community. With the goal of educating and advancing the entire individual, Wake Forest University stands as the school of choice for a plethora of high school graduates, including myself. With all of these aspects in consideration, my goal is to take advantage of every opportunity that this school presents, whether it be educational, community service, etc. and to grow in all areas of my life.
Coming from Richmond Senior High School, a school known for its academics, but more importantly, its football program, it has always been in to accept the challenge of higher learning. Straying away from honors and AP courses have never once been in my blood. I took each challenge head on, and overall, one can say that I succeeded, even though there were times when I failed during certain instances. However, by failing, even though it may have not been my intention, I grew intellectually, which has resulted in me being the student that I am today, a student accepted and registered into Wake Forest University. AP US History, a class taken in the eleventh grade, serves as a prime example. In the beginning of the semester, I thought I was doing the best that the way I was doing things at the time would propel me through the year. After the first two weeks of class, I soon realized that what I was doing would not suffice. I needed to do better, and I did. Of course, there were times when things became difficult, but in the end, looking back at that year, I learned so much, inside and outside the classroom. Looking back, I can say that I succeeded overall. Carrying this tenacity, eager...

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...hering for students or as a community project or fundraiser, knowing that Wake Forest University will be behind me is all a person could ask for.
To any accepted and registered student, Wake Forest University holds promise in its ability to allow any given student to express themselves and succeed, whether in classroom, in the community, on the field, etc. Obviously, this applies to me, as well. Coming from a student who plans on achieving a 4.0 average every year, graduating summa cum laude, and becoming a leader in his family, hometown, school, and community, Wake Forest University holds in its invisible walls a place of promise. My aspirations are high, but even when it seems like they may come crashing from the sky, I hope Wake Forest will be there to help me push them right back into the endless sky. These are my expectations from the Wake Forest Experience.

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