Essay about The Wage Gap Between Males And Females

Essay about The Wage Gap Between Males And Females

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Despite the raise in popularity of women’s sports not only nationally but worldwide. Females are still seeming to get the short end of the stick. The wage gap between males and females has been a debatable topic ever since the evolution of jobs and paychecks. This war has been infusing for generations upon generations. Now 2016 rolling into 2017 we are still fighting for equal pay. In all levels of employment especially women’s professional athletics.
The countering argument made to justify the pay disparity in women’s professional sports is the revenue generated by it male counter parts exceeds their total revenue validating why their wages were exceeding higher. This argument is getting outdated. Even though there may be some truth in that proposal the popularity in women’s sports continues to grow every single day. But the wages stay stagnant. The WNBA is a prime example of this, though the sport is expanding before our very eyes unfortunately so is the wage gap. The maximum salary in the WNBA is 107,500 dollars. In the 2013-2104 season the Phoenix Suns employed Dionte Christmas for 198 minutes. For enduring those minutes, he was paid the league minimum of 490,180. Two things help determine how much a player is paid. One is how much money is generated by the sport and second is the player ability to bargain for a share of that total revenue. The NBA generated 4.7 billion dollars in it 2013-2014 season. The unions and owners of the league agree that about half of that money should be used to pay it players. This same ideology is used in the National baseball league and the National football league. Well, it’s not the same for the WNBA. The WNBA was estimated to have made at least 24 million dollars in their 2013-2014 season wit...

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...l overcome this dilemma. If the United States wanted to pay women equally for the same work done by men, this situation would have been formally dealt with a long time ago. Let’s not sugarcoat it in anyway shape or form. Or find reason to justify this nuisance. As females continue to achieve higher levels of education flooding the job markets in field once not offered to us. It’s going to be harder and harder to deny us equally pay. And as the female sports world continue to grow with every blinking eye. It will also be harder to justify why their wages are so low. Once the argument that a lack of interest is played out. And that female athletics does not generate enough revenue for higher wages is statically proven wrong. They will just devise another excuse to deny dedicated, hardworking role models what they deserve. As I previously stated before this is America.

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